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Our family adopted Lily (formerly known as Bailey) through The Humane Way in April, 2021. At the time, we had been considering adopting a pup for awhile, but we were unsure if the timing was right for us. We learned about Lily through a Facebook post, arranged to meet her, and the rest is history. Adding her to our family was the best decision! She is sweet, playful, cuddly, and so much fun! The folks at The Humane Way were helpful and responsive, and guided us through the process (first time adopting through a rescue organization). Lily’s foster was available to answer questions throughout the process and was very helpful. It is clear the folks at The Humane Way care about their pups and want the best possible future for them!
The Sutton Family
Piper is our newest fur baby that we adopted from the Humane Way. She was fostered in another home before coming to us, and the foster parent was incredible. She was willing to answer all of my questions, and it was obvious that Piper was well loved in her foster home. Piper is the perfect puzzle piece into our family, she absolutely loves our children, our dog, us, and does a great job ignoring the cat! She is playful and energetic but knows how to snuggle! She already knew basic commands, loves to play fetch, and walks pretty well on her leash. The application process was very easy and all questions asked of applicants are completely appropriate. The process does its best to ensure that animals are truly placed in their forever homes! Everyone we spoke with form the rescue was positive, supportive and encouraging! I am glad that Piper came with some medical history, so we know what vaccines she has received and can make sure our vet knows what she needs next. The Humane Way is a great organization, working diligently and passionately to help animals have the live they deserve. I will always tell people to support the Humane Way Rescue! Thank you for all you do!
The Mulholland Family
We met Mia (fka Boo) in spring 2021. I hadn't planned getting a dog when I met her but something about her stood out. She was basically housebroken and only chewed on her toys during my initial visit. So smart! I brought her to meet my kids and they absolutely loved her! We adopted her immediately after. She’s the perfect fit for our family and our other dog, Ava, she adores her too! Thank you Humane Way for allowing us to adopt her!
Susan R.
We had lost our previously (adopted) dog (Patti) in April 2020 – and it still pains us. She was 15 at the time. We had played with the idea of adopting another dog but weren’t quite ready (it was still very painful for us/me). However, a few weeks before Christmas 2021, we saw a post (from a local FB page) asking for any interested families to apply to foster a dog. I decided to apply thinking we would just take in a dog for a few weeks over Christmas until his/her forever family was found. While our first choice was taken, our second choice was available for us (Festus). We knew he was 4 or 5 but didn’t have much else information (we were provided his medical records) apart from that he was kid and dog friendly (we have a 10 year old and a 14 year old). He came home to us one week before Christmas – with the intension of us fostering only. We were such fools :). He stole our hearts very early on. He came to us very well trained – walks very well on leash, ‘asks’ to go out to potty, sleeps in his crate etc. He has also become a great buddy for our 10 year old son – this was so important to us (the pandemic has done a number on all of us, and more so on our children). Regarding the adoption process: it was extremely easy – the adoption organization checked our credentials through our previous vet (we had previously adopted a cat and a dog who have moved on over the rainbow bridge). Due to Covid we did a video tour of the house to ensure it was a good fit. Knowing that the adoption agency puts the dogs with families as opposed to shelters was very welcome information. Regarding Fergus’ (his new name) favorite things to do: he loves walks – he’ll literally tell us when he needs to go out – and his favorite activity is receiving belly rubs from his ‘hooman’ parents/siblings. He LOVES people around him and will snuggle and nudge until you pet him. He is also very protective of his ‘hooman’ family – and he tells us when/if a stranger comes in the house (as he did with our mother in law :)). He is truly the sweetest dog and the best boy. This entire experience has been very positive. I love that THWAR continues to offer support for new parents. As a result I would encourage others to foster and/or adopt through THWAR.
Angela C. & Family
Foster to Adopter
I adopted my sweet (but also devilish) Finley from THWAR in May 2021. I found the rescue on FB. I had lost my heart dog unexpectedly in February 2021. I adopted a boy pup named Kyrie and then I saw my Finley girl’s picture and knew I had to bring her home. The process was easy but also thorough. I am glad I was approved to adopt Fin! She has been an awesome addition to my home. She is a huge cuddle bug. Sometimes I don’t think she knows her size as she likes to sprawl out across my lap. She is doing great with her fur brother, Ky. The morning after I brought her home, they started chasing each other in my back yard and haven’t stopped since! Everyone who meets Fin falls in love with her sweet face. Her foster was great! She sent me pictures and videos. I fell more and more in love with Finley through the pictures and videos before I ever met her in person. It was great to have her medical records and microchip info so that I felt fully prepared to welcome her home. And I loved that she sent her home with a toy. I know that sometimes people think the pet adoption process is too strict but I disagree. Rescue work can be difficult and sometimes heartbreaking. It is necessary to try to vet people as much as possible to make sure that any pet will be loved and properly cared for in their forever home. Adopting a pet is a lifetime commitment and I am super excited that I get to share that with Finley. The last thing I wanted to add is that having the adopters FB group is great! I love seeing updates on some of Finley’s siblings. It is so fun to see how different they all look but hear about how similar they behave. Finley is an absolute character!
Tay W.
We adopted Melo aka Binx a lab/mix 2 days after Thanksgiving 2021. He is a handful haha but we couldn’t picture life without him already! I have a TON of pictures of him. He absolutely LOVES meeting people and other animals he is the friendliest little puppy! We can’t wait until we can start going on walks! He’s such a joy to wake up to every morning. He’s not really a cuddler but he is very sweet when he’s sleepy. We think he loves his new home and we truly love having him here he is definitely a member of the family already! The application process couldn’t have gone any smoother for us! They answered our questions, walked us through the next steps/process, and were very professional throughout the process. It was very helpful (for me at least) to not have to walk through a shelter. No animal should be in a shelter I just want to bring them all home 🙁 so being able to go to his foster home was great for us. Also knowing he was being well taken care of before we got him was a relief! We were provided with Melos medical history which was awesome and a chip. He got his chip inserted on his first vet visit with us and that went extremely smooth (he didn’t even feel it!) It’s neat to know his birthday so we can celebrate every year haha! We found this rescue just from my husband browsing looking for a perfect dog to add to our new house. I’m so glad he did! We love our baby and it was just an extremely smooth process of bringing him home plus his first vet visit because we had medical records to give to our vet. My favorite thing is that they don’t just let anybody take a pet home. They asked about our house, asked for pictures to make sure it’s safe and clean. The foster home he was at was great and I think that’s why he is so socialized around other animals already. You could tell his fosters were great people and he was in a very clean safe environment before we got him! We hope all his siblings are as happy as he is! If anybody is considering getting a pet, please adopt from The Humane Way they make sure your babies are in great care while they wait to find a home!!
Hannah M. & Family
I wanted to share what an amazing experience we had in the adoption process of our handsome boy, Dutton. The coordinator was extremely professional. The background check from our vet, personal references, home check and interview processes were very thorough. This gave my husband and I great peace of mind that our new pet’s interest were at the heart of this process. Working with the foster was a great experience in learning about Dutton’s personality, diet, and socialization. I also love that a microchip was also included as we have always had our dogs microchipped. Our boy Dutton has truly completed our family and filled our hearts. Thank you so very much for all that you do!
Al & Celeste Milliner
We adopted Pippa (formerly Cora) from The Humane Way in October 2021. The whole process has been so smooth. In a matter of a week, we were meeting Pippa and introducing her to our other dog. THWAR and Pippa's foster mom were so helpful when it came to answering questions regarding Pippa and all of her medical needs. (Pippa is still considered to be "foster-to adopt" because she is under medical care for heartworm treatment through THWAR and we are so thankful that she is. The relationship THWAR has with their partner vets makes the whole process so much less stressful.) We are so thankful that THWAR allowed us to make Pippa a part of our family. We feel complete!
Melissa DeLawder
We recently adopted Werwick, now known as Bandit, from The Humane Way Animal Rescue. We had a wonderful experience and the whole process was easy and went smoothly. It was easy to see Bandit was well taken care of by his foster mom and it is great to know he never had to spend time in a shelter. We were provided documentation on his medical history, which was also helpful. We are just loving our new puppy and so happy we adopted him from THWAR!
The Beauchamp Family
We've wanted a dog and always thought we would wait longer, until we saw and read Snow's story. We decided to put in an application as he appeared to meet all of our needs (age, crate trained and house trained). Those are the needs we thought we needed, when actually we needed the cuddling, face kisses and circle tail that we are welcomed home to every day that we didn’t know we needed! We look back and realize we didn’t get a dog before him because he was meant for us and is perfect for us! He made us a family!
The Kramers
We adopted our puppy Boh (originally Casey) in the spring of 2020, he's been amazing since day one at just  eight weeks old! He was even sort of potty-trained already!